Spring 2015 + Summer 2017: DC on Film

I was finally gearing myself up to start documenting my road trip when I discovered three albums of DC photos I’d never gotten around to posting. And I thought I should, since they span my time in DC in an interesting way.

Shortly before I moved up, on one of my last visits from Charlottesville, I bought a 2-pack of disposable cameras at an H Street dollar store on a whim. I opened one and proceeding snapping in every direction as Mar and I made our way to Capitol Hill and went on to rent Bikeshare bikes and cruise around town, down to Eastern Market and Fridge Alley. (Actually, I think I’m collapsing two outings into one with that memory, but that’s the beauty of analog– no metadata to consult to help get your story straight!)

They’re not the greatest photos, of course, but they’ve got some grainy charm, and already there are some good throwbacks like the Capitol Dome all in scaffolding. (Remember that?!)

Sometime between Spring 2015, when I arrived in DC, and Summer 2017, when I left, both of those disposable cameras got all used up. Unsurprisingly you’ll find the images reflect two of the things I was most passionate about in the city: street art and Ollie. (Three things, really, if you count Marlon [wink emoji]).

But then I’d also shot another roll of film on my dad’s old Pentax there at the end and thought I might as well throw that in too. More Ollie/Mar/street art, of course, including some shots I’m pretty stoked on of the POW! WOW! DC stuff I’d documented so fervently on Instagram.

My favorite shot of the bunch– a not-instantly-noticeable-Marlon riding his bike in front of what was actually one of last year’s murals— has taken on new significance in light of the untimely passing of Cool “Disco” Dan, a street art legend in DC. I won’t pretend to be hugely familiar with him as an artist, but I follow enough DC street artists on social media to know his death came as a huge blow to the community. There was something sad and special seeing that Yok + Sheryo had tipped their hats to him in this mural.


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