Summer 2017: America on Film

I’d always figured this post would be the metaphorical cherry on top of my Road Trip [Phase 1] Series— you know, one last little detail that rounded out an already-pretty-well-fleshed-out documentation of the experience. But somehow I got my film developed (just 2 rolls’ worth) and these photos uploaded/edited before I allowed myself to come close to organizing my digital stuff. And so I figure these random glimpses into the trip, as a scattered overview of it, maybe work just as well as a starting point as they would have as the finishing touch.

I intend there to be more storytelling in the posts that follow; if you’re more of a pictures-over-words person (and I mean, who isn’t?) then this is the post for you!

So these are the pics I got on film as I headed west from DC to Denver:

And here are the ones I got in Denver, and as I continued on through Colorado to New Mexico/Texas:

Then there was a lacuna in my analog shooting until I found myself in Myrtle Beach:

And shortly thereafter I was in New York City, where I really made up for lost time and made good use of Dad’s old Pentax, even playing around with some double exposure stuff for the first time:

And before I knew it I was back in Virginia for a bit:

And there you have it. Or, at least part of it.

Also I’ve been meaning to put together a record of all my frenetic running-around and figured this was as good a place to do it as any, so if you’ve been wondering about my exact whereabouts these past months (as you clearly must have been) here’s the comprehensive list:

June 15: Washington, DC -> Charlottesville, VA (by way of Bristow, VA)
June 16: Charlottesville, VA -> Louisville, KY (by way of the Charleston, WV + Mark Twain National Forest)
June 17: Louisville, KY -> Perry, KS (by way of St. Louis + Kansas City, MO)
June 18: Perry, KS -> Denver, CO
June 24: Denver, CO -> Lake Cochiti, NM (by way of Garden of the Gods in CO Springs)
June 25: Lake Cochiti, NM -> Ft. Stockton, TX (by way of Santa Fe + Carlsbad Caverns)
June 26: Ft. Stockton, TX -> Austin, TX
June 28: Austin, TX -> Baton Rouge, LA
June 29: Baton Rouge, LA -> New Orleans, LA

July 1: New Orleans, LA -> Meridian, MS (unintended detour)
July 3: Meridian, MS -> Atlanta, GA
July 5: Atlanta, GA -> Charlottesville, VA (by way of Yorktown + Richmond, VA)
July 8: Charlottesville, VA -> Virginia Beach, VA
July 10: Virginia Beach, VA -> Yorktown, VA
July 11: Yorktown, VA -> Charlottesville, VA
July 14: Charlottesville, VA -> Myrtle Beach, SC
July 17: Myrtle Beach, SC -> South Riding, VA (by way of Charlottesville + Bristow, VA)
July 18: South Riding, VA -> Alexandria, VA
July 19: Alexandria, VA -> New York, NY (by way of Washington, DC)
July 22: New York, NY -> Bristow, VA (by way of Washington, DC + Vienna, VA)
July 23: Bristow, VA -> Charlottesville, VA
July 26: Charlottesville, VA -> Bristow, VA

August 6:
Bristow, VA -> South Riding, VA
August 7: South Riding, VA -> Charlottesville, VA (by way of Dulles, Woodbridge, + Bristow, VA)
August 10: Charlottesville, VA -> Bristow, VA
August 12: Bristow, VA -> Annandale, MN (by way of Baltimore, MD + Minneapolis, MN)
August 13: Annandale, MN -> Osceola, WI
August 15: Osceola, WI -> Annandale, MN
August 20: Annandale, MN -> Charlottesville, VA (by way of Minneapolis, MN; Atlanta, GA; Baltimore, MD; South Riding + Bristow, VA)

And if all goes well I’ll initiate Phase 2 before long!


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